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Your Massage sessions:

30 minute massage and/or reflexology  $65

60 minute massage  $100

90 minute massage  $150

2 hour massage $200

Scalp massage (15 minutes) $35

Energizing active body work:

This type of body work focuses on stimulating the muscles for work-out or sports.  This modality involves vigorous movement of the muscles, preparing them for a work-out OR continuity of play(game).

60 minute energizing massage $120

90 minute energizing massage $170

Eau De Clare essential drop therapy: grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, patchouli

This service provides positive energy flow and soothes mental health connecting mind and body with renewed completion.

75 minute essential drop therapy $185

COSTCO carrier oils: avocado oil, grape seed oil

Essential oils are used along the spine and feet (Reflexology) creating a natural energy for supreme stress relief and calm.

This service integrates carefully selected essential oils to facilitate positive energy flow and soothe mental health, connecting mind and body with renewed vigor.

Choose from Summer Breeze or Winter Warmth.

75 minute treatment $175

This service provides positive energy flow and soothes mental health connecting mind and body with renewed completion.  Schedule today to receive your experience of wellness.

Choose from Summer Breeze OR Winter Warmth!



Avocado Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Olive Oil

*** Please note that if you have allergic reactions to any type of essential oils, this service may not be helpful.

Lymphatic drainage:

Our lymphatic system helps rid our bodies of toxins and waste.  Unlike our cardiovascular system, it is not pumped by our heart and relies on our movements for circulation.  After trauma or surgery when movement is hindered, this can get stagnant.  Lymphatic drainage uses specialized, assisted movements to restore this circulation and help you recover faster.  The therapy gently increases the sessions over three weeks to help assist your recovery.

3 sessions over 3 weeks starting at 30 minutes, gently increasing to 60 minutes, and then 90 minutes for your final session $350

30 minute lymphatic drainage massage $65

60 minute lymphatic drainage massage $120

90 minute lymphatic drainage massage $165

Prenatal sessions:

Experience total relaxation with stress reduction. Recommended during the second and third trimesters to reduce stress hormones in the body and improve circulation.

60 minute prenatal massage $130

90  minute prenatal massage $160

2 hour prenatal massage $210


(3) 60 minute massage sessions $240

(3) 90 minute massage sessions $390

(3) 2 hour massages $540

60 minute standing weekly massage $80

90 minute standing weekly massage $130

Prenatal packages:

(3) 60 minute prenatal massage sessions $360

(3) 90 minute prenatal massage sessions $435

(3) 2 hour prental massages $600

Add-Ons and Extras:

CBD Massage Add-On, Our Oil or application of yours $30

Essential Oil Add-On $15

Hot Stone Massage Add-On $30

Restorative Deep Tissue Massage:

Increases circulation to enhance muscle function and repair. This massage is beneficial for overly stressed, tight and problematic areas breaking down tension and stress while aiding in recovery.

Stress-reducing Swedish Massage:

Long fluid strokes with light to medium pressure

Healing Muscle Melt Massage:

A signature massage in combination with Energy Lift Tourmaline wellness therapy that provides restoration to stiff and aching muscles releasing pain and tension. Energy Lift Tourmaline wellness therapy improves circulation, reduces stress, diminishes anxiety and tension.

* Special Events *

Contact us about availability for special events: 303-898-9629, massage@eaudeclare.com

Three hour minimum…….. $500

%30 Gratuity………………… $150

Travel Fee…………………….. $70

Totalling………………………. $720

Additional Hours…………… $120/hr